•  Easy Access
  •  Competitively Priced
  •  New Fuel Dock Facilities
  •  7 Minutes from Lighthouse
  •  Closest Fuel Dock Within 60 Miles

Summer Hours of Operation:

8am – 9pm  |  7 days per week 

(hours subject to change)

Fuel Dock Services Include:

  • 100  foot long, deep water fuel dock protected from wind and  waves
  • Well trained fuel dock attendants make arrival and departures a  breeze
  • 89  octane ValvTect treated marine gasoline for improved performance
  • AMOCO PREMIER DIESEL for high Cetane peak performance and low smoke  emissions
  • High speed pump-outs for all sizes of boats and yachts
  • Fill- ups of over 100 gallons are eligible for free pump-out
  • Cold soft drinks, sandwiches, ice, and snacks are available
  • Capable of fueling super-yachts

* For fill-up in excess of 1000 gallons please call ahead 24-48 hours for special arrangements and pricing.

Transient slips are occasionally available, please feel free to ask if we have a member slip open.  The City of South Haven transient marina is adjacent to the South Haven Yacht Club.

SHYC is a member of the Yachting Club of America and has reciprocity with members of other Yacht Clubs who are also members and are welcome to use the Club restaurant and bar.  Please contact the Club Manager on arrival or by phone at 269.637.2305 for reservations and hours of operation.